Thursday, June 7, 2012

Astros select Carlos Correa

Where do I begin with this Carlos kid? Well he is 6’4” 190 and is being crowned the next A Rod or Troy Tulowitzki. The last time the Astros passed on a “can’t miss” short stop that guy ended up winning some rings for a small town up in the northeast and goes by the name of Derek Jeter. Carlos is only 17 and scouts have said if he continues on his pace he should be in the majors by the 2014-2015 season which would put him around 19-20 years old. His arm strength and accuracy is a + + and his bat is a + as well but the thing he needs to work on is his base running although he is fast he needs a better feel for base running and stealing bases. If the Astros lock up Altuve and he progresses as he is and Carlos comes through the minors fast you would have a very good combo at SS and 2B for years to come not to mention players like JD and Shafer and Maxwell. Don’t look now but the Astros are slowly building a good team from the ground up. They still have a lot of holes but Rome wasn’t built in a day. ROOT ROOT ROOT

From the Gun

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