Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Not just Black and White

Dear Royce,
I have been paying attention to this whole situation and had a few things to say. First off you preach about Progress but yet all this tweeting is not going to help deal with your Anxiety. I’m not saying stfu and get back on the court I’m saying you should be worried about making things work and getting back to being seen on the court instead of tweeting about not getting a fair shake. I don’t see other activist tweeting about being mistreated and feeling sorry for themselves they talk about what they did in spite of their illness. Did you see the track star who lost both legs give up or preach about being transparent? No he found a way to overcome and ran against able body athletes at the OLYMPICS!  
           It seems like your using this illness as a crutch. You have access to all the help you will need, and more than anyone who suffers from the same illness. You should take advantage of the opportunities your “Talent” has afforded you and once you get on the court and people start to praise you for your on court accomplishments your voice will be A LOT louder than it is now. I was telling any fan who would listen how good of a pick in the draft you were and how this illness won’t affect you on the court, but help you to succeed so you can spread the word even farther. Good luck but if I’m being HONEST you’re not going about this the right way.  

From the Gun

Friday, August 17, 2012

Man Dies at Blue Jays Game

Thursday’s game between the White Sox and Blue Jays was delayed after a fan went into cardiac arrest down the left-field line at Rogers Centre. He was later pronounced dead at the hospital.
According to “the man in white,” who was tweeting from the game, a fan performed CPR on the ailing man first and then medics took over after reaching his location. Medics continued to perform CPR as he was carted off the field, and the game resumed after he was taken off. City-TV reported after the game that he died in the hospital.
The White Sox were on the field before the game was delayed.
“It was not a good sight,” White Sox third baseman Kevin Youkilis said afterwards. “I saw some medics jump out around the dugout and run over. Then I saw a doctor or whoever was going, just pushing on the chest over and over and over. I thought maybe they were reviving him and then they next thing you know, they kept going and going.”
The identity of the man has yet to be released.

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Tear Away

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Whats next for the Rockets?

           Well with the start of NFL pre season and the Dwight deal being done it seems as the Rockets are left with all these puzzle pieces and no one to put them together. As it stands today the Rockets roster has 21 players on it and the NBA will only allow 15 to make the season roster so what will the hometown team do? Some say Morey is still not done this off season and he is looking to land a Josh Smith or Danny Granger type player. We all know by now Kevin Martin and his expiring contract don’t want to be in Houston and that’s fine he is one of the 6 players we need to move. So what can the Rockets get for these other 5 mid to end of the bench type players? Picks? Package them for a better player? Release them into the "woods with the wolf" as D Mo would say?
           Many of the talking heads in the national media will say the Rockets have been left for dead now that Dwight has been traded to the Lakers I think they are headed into a youth movement and have a 4-5 nice starting pieces. The draft was immediately called a failure for the Rockets because they did not move up and ended up making selections, but all three picks were standouts in the Vegas Summer League. D Mo was a 2nd round pick last year and is now ready to play in the NBA and he too has impressed in the Summer league, and then you have Chandler Parsons who was one of the better defenders on the team last year and now looks poised to be a better pro this season. Oh yea I almost forgot to mention we got this Lin guy from New York who is pretty good too. With this nucleus it seems like the future is bright for the Rockets and if Morey can pull off one more move for an established vet who can lead this team with Lin the Thunder.....I mean Rockets will be just fine.

From the Gun

Friday, August 10, 2012

Is the Dwightmare over?

So the Dwightmare is over and we can all sleep well at is over right?? Wrong, Dwights "camp" have already come out and said that he will not sign an extension, nor should he. If he were to sign an extension he would be leaving about 2 years and over 35 million on the table. If we waits and re ups with the Lakers after the season he can get a 5 yr deal and 20 million more with the Lakers than any other team. Now with that being said here is why the Dwightmare is not close to being over.
         It has been known that ever since this whole demand for a trade started Dwight has and always wanted to go to Brooklyn to help reboot the Nets, but once the Nets signed Brook Lopez to a huge deal that bubble has since been burst. Now he had his attention turned to LA and Dallas and now that he is with the Lakers you figure its done he won, but that just would not be the Dwight Howard way. He has gone from the most likeable superstar in the league to the most hated and has removed the dark cloud over the decision that Lebron made. Howard's Camp has said he will try out the Lakers for this season and at season’s end look into going to Dallas and thus the Dwightmare continues.

From the Gun

NFL Films "Next Man Up"

ESPN Monday Night Football Commercial 2012

Had to steal this from Marco from Houston