Friday, August 10, 2012

Is the Dwightmare over?

So the Dwightmare is over and we can all sleep well at is over right?? Wrong, Dwights "camp" have already come out and said that he will not sign an extension, nor should he. If he were to sign an extension he would be leaving about 2 years and over 35 million on the table. If we waits and re ups with the Lakers after the season he can get a 5 yr deal and 20 million more with the Lakers than any other team. Now with that being said here is why the Dwightmare is not close to being over.
         It has been known that ever since this whole demand for a trade started Dwight has and always wanted to go to Brooklyn to help reboot the Nets, but once the Nets signed Brook Lopez to a huge deal that bubble has since been burst. Now he had his attention turned to LA and Dallas and now that he is with the Lakers you figure its done he won, but that just would not be the Dwight Howard way. He has gone from the most likeable superstar in the league to the most hated and has removed the dark cloud over the decision that Lebron made. Howard's Camp has said he will try out the Lakers for this season and at season’s end look into going to Dallas and thus the Dwightmare continues.

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