Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Not just Black and White

Dear Royce,
I have been paying attention to this whole situation and had a few things to say. First off you preach about Progress but yet all this tweeting is not going to help deal with your Anxiety. I’m not saying stfu and get back on the court I’m saying you should be worried about making things work and getting back to being seen on the court instead of tweeting about not getting a fair shake. I don’t see other activist tweeting about being mistreated and feeling sorry for themselves they talk about what they did in spite of their illness. Did you see the track star who lost both legs give up or preach about being transparent? No he found a way to overcome and ran against able body athletes at the OLYMPICS!  
           It seems like your using this illness as a crutch. You have access to all the help you will need, and more than anyone who suffers from the same illness. You should take advantage of the opportunities your “Talent” has afforded you and once you get on the court and people start to praise you for your on court accomplishments your voice will be A LOT louder than it is now. I was telling any fan who would listen how good of a pick in the draft you were and how this illness won’t affect you on the court, but help you to succeed so you can spread the word even farther. Good luck but if I’m being HONEST you’re not going about this the right way.  

From the Gun

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