Monday, January 16, 2012

Bulls On Parade

     I never thought I would say this but the better defense was not wearing purple and black but liberty white, battle red, and deep steel blue. The Texans defense held the oh so dangerous Ray Rice to 60 yards on 21 attempts and in the picture above out of the end zone with 1st and goal from the 5. The Baltimore offense as a whole were held to 227 of total offense which is just about half of the yards they put up back in week 6. Not only was it a good game but this is still a young team who will only get better they are still in year one under Wade Phillips and i cant wait to see what J.J. Watt (or as his team mates call him MegaWatt, Hakeem Olaju-Watt, or simply The Milk Man) does with a full training camp and OTAs under his belt. In the words of Bart Scott I "Cant Wait" till next season.

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