Monday, January 16, 2012

Super Fight or Super Hype

 So now we finally get Floyd Mayweather to call out Manny Pacquiao and thats all well BUT calling Pacquiao a punk?? If im not mistaken before his last fight with Ortiz, Floyd said Manny was next then soon after said "I never said that dont put words in my mouth" Floyd has been running from this fight for years and now that he is ready Manny should just come running at the chance? I think it would be great to see this "Super Fight" but i think it still will get more hype until these guys get some crazy amount of money that neither one of them really need. (but in the words of 2 pac " I aint mad at cha") Its a brutal sport and these guys are the cream of the crop so get your money guys just make the fight happen. Oh and if Manny is worried about enough people being at the fight and wanting to wait for this new stadium to be built in Las Vegas why don't yall bring the fight to texas.....everything is bigger in Texas. 

From the Gun


  1. Super fights never live up to expectations, so be prepared to be let down. Maybe Delahoya promotions will throw a rabid spider-monkey in the 5th round to get the action going but I doubt it.

  2. talks are growing and i think we will see the fight but not till next year.