Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Your Houston Astros. . . .or are they??

        In one season for the Astros they moved away from there biggest division rivals and "the machine" Albert Pujols, they also got rid of the one man who turned this franchise into the new farm system for the Phillies, and in the middle of all this they got a new owner and got rid of the few good players they did have. . . . .so now what???
       Well Houston fans we didn't exactly get away from Mr. Pujols you might have herd he got signed to a small insignificant deal to the Angels (who are in the same division the Astros are moving to). Also the move will mean later start times but better teams coming to town, and the new owner Mr. Crane has lowered ticket prices and allowed fans to bring in small amounts of food and water into the ballpark for games. There is light at the end of the tunnel because of one of hopefully many smart moves by Mr. Crane, and that would be the hiring of Jeff luhnow. 
       Luhnow served as head of scouting in St. Louis and has drafted many good players who still are in the majors. I believe in the system but know its going to take time. I was a doubter once the team was sold and the players got traded but at the same time optimistic. With some of the recent activity and new found ear for what the fans like it seams that this owner is creating a buzz around town but do we really want to change the name? I feel like a new uniform and team colors would be nice and if the team does change names why not go back to the original Colt 45s that would be DOPE!! Never have I been more excited to watch baseball then this season not for any one player in uniform but for the teams performance. A big new home is great to have but watching it get built makes you appreciate it much more. With that being said we are in for one LONG season Houston fans but show support because loyalty pays off just look at your Houston Texans. See you at opening day and Go Astros or Colts or what ever they are to be called.

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