Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rest in peace Joe

Let me start by saying i cant clam to have followed his whole career (he has been coaching longer then i have been alive) but his story/track record is one of the best. No other coach has done what he has as far as being with one program for that long and all the while keeping Penn State as relevant as any program in the country.  Dispite the recent events that have taken place do not let that take away from hundreds of thousands of dollars he has donated to help others, Penn State as a whole, but most notably the library. He has done great things and made mistakes hes only human but now is the time to celebrate his life. Many said he should of stopped coaching along time ago and others said football was his life and in an iroic series of events it seems football may have been what kept him going. No matter how cliche it sounds he truly did live for football, so to quote one of my favorite movies "heros get remembered, but legends never die".

Rest In Peace JoePa

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