Thursday, March 22, 2012

Broadway Bow

So Tebow is now a New York Jet. Well Rex i hope your happy not are you loosing your locker room and squashed your current QBs confidence by having a bad season and going after manning but now you add Tebow? You may say well Tebow will help in the locker room and build moral for the team but what about when the team goes lets say 1 and 3 to start the season or even just 2 and 2 then what? You must know that every one of your J-E-T-S fans will be clamoring for TE-BOW TE-BOW to come and rescue the franchise and take you to the promise land (pun intended). These Jets are a mess and i don't expect for them to get much better with or without Tebow so why waste a 4th round pick on him when they could of got DeMeco Ryans for the same thing?? The fact of the matter is he would of been better suited to go to the Jaguars and re energize that franchise, all though I'm glad he didn't because we sure don't want that 4th quarter comeback magic happening to us Texans. Now with all that being said its been one heck of an off season and i cant wait for football season!

From the Gun

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