Thursday, March 29, 2012

Can you lose by winning?

Well as you all know by now Arian Foster beat out Tim Tebow in what was a very close 1st round win by Tebow. Yes Tebow lost the round but now he doesn't have to worry about the Madden curse, well he has god on his side so i guess he wouldn't worry about it anyway. Until 1999 the only person to be on the cover was Madden, then EA Sports decided to put players on the cover and since then the curse had run wild. In 1999 49ers running back Garrison Hearst was on the cover after that he broke his ankle and was out 2 seasons. In 2000 Barry Sanders was on the cover but then he retired (maybe Sanders knew about the curse) so they re released the cover with Green bay running back Dorsey Levens he hurt his knee and was never the same player ever again. 2001 Eddie George widely regarded as the best back in the game the Titans had a strong regular season then in the playoffs George fumbles a pass and the Ravens take it in for a pick 6 and the Titans. (the next season George got hurt and again was never the same. The list gos on and on and i for on hope Arian is not another footnote in the Madden curse. So PLEASE DONT VOTE FOR FOSTER!!!

From the Gun

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