Thursday, March 22, 2012

Saint it aint so

With the 1 year suspension of Sean Peyton and GM Mickey Loomis for the first eight regular-season games is the season lost? On top of that the Saints have to pay out 500,000 to the NFL, but is it really all that bad? Let me explain. Now that the saints save 8 million in salary for Sean Peytons non paid vacation maybe now Tom Benson (owner of the saints) can spend the money to get a deal done with Drew Brees If the Saints lose there head coach, GM, and an assistant this year and don't get a deal done with Drew then i would say this is going to be a long season Saints fans. Drew Brees is admit about getting a deal done and not wanting to play under the franchise tag and i don't blame him the last time he did something like that he blew out his shoulder in San Diego. Now if the Saints get the deal done on the other hand and get a few wins early in the season there fans will rally behind the team as they have done before and make the best of a bad situation. At the end of the day they will probably make the playoffs as a wild card and go out in a blaze of glory, but i do think losing two 2nd round picks will hurt them in the foreseeable future. Lets see how long these Saints keep marching.

From the Gun

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