Tuesday, March 20, 2012

State Of the Texans

After the signing of Chris Meyers I'm sure all my fellow Texans fans had a big sigh of relief. I'm also aware of the gloaming holes in the offensive line with the departure of Winston and Brisel, but what about this next man up mantra the team stuck with all last year? Did you guys forget the job that Rashad Butler did when Brown was gone for the first four games in 2010 and the 13 games since 09 that Caldwell started in not including the games he has come in as a back up? The line will be fine now that Meyers is once again at the center of it all. All the people I talk to that are worried must have forgotten of as Roger Clemens would say "miss remembered" how the Texans got here and that's by building threw the draft. I'm almost certain they will focus on wide receiver,linebacker, nose tackle, and depth on the line for this draft in that order. And a quick note on Kubiak congratulating Elway on landing Peyton it should be more like thank you for taking him from the Titans and keeping Manning in negotiations long enough they lose out on Mario and Meyers. God must be a Texans fan...or at least not a Titans fan.

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