Friday, March 30, 2012

Jamie wants Moyer

Jamie Moyer’s comeback at age 49 is probably more passion and just love of the game at this point. He is set to make the Colorado Rockies roster this season with his fastball just around 80 mph and when i say around i really mean rarely over 80. Moyer has been throwing in the big leagues since June of 86 that's one month more than i have been alive! He is truly a freak of nature not because he is big, strong, and can throw, but because hes an average sized pitcher with ok stuff and he still has the will to work hard enough to comeback from a blown out elbow that needed Tommy John surgery. How is this for crazy on January 18, 2012, Moyer signed a minor-league contract like i said earlier with the Rockies a team that did not exist in 1986 when Moyer broke into the league. Most players jersey numbers have a meaning Moyer's jersey number 50 might be the age at which he finally will retire from the game he so truly loves. I for one will follow this story and give you updates on the old man who wants to go out on his own terms.

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