Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Final Four

So it all comes down to this Kentucky vs Louisville and Ohio vs Kansas the Final Four. For me i'm taking Kentucky over Louisville and Ohio over Kansas and this is why. Kentucky is so good, so athletic, and they commit on defense plus on offense they are way more than a one trick pony with too many options to cover even if Louisville played with 6 on the court. Now to Ohio State i think this is more of a dog fight more of a get it to the post and let the big guys work. Sullinger is going to be the focal point to this Ohio State team and should be the reason they advance to the championship game. In the two games i think the key to anyone winning is getting the easy shoots as in lay ups and short 10 to 15 foot shots in the past when the Final Four is in a dome the shooting percentage from outside goes way down. So there you have it my quick pick im taking Kentucky and Ohio.

From the Gun

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