Monday, May 7, 2012

Avlarez vs Mosley recap

Nothing less than a really good fight from Alvarez and has defenatly opened the eyes of every boxing fan that may have been on the fence about him. This was his coming out party to the common fight fan, but to the others who have been following this up and comer this fight was nothing new. Alvarez was able to land heavy hard punches pretty much at will as well as take the power punches from Mosely, the same power punches that got him a knock down against pac man and visably hurt Mayweather in their last fight, and never seamed to miss a beat. Alvarez is only 21 years young and has 40 wins 29 by knockout and 1 draw not to mention the other 10-15 fights when he was between the ages of 14-17 fighting as a professional in Mexico but because of the way they keep records of professional fights and where they hold some of the fights those were not included in his 40 win record. For Alvarez to be this young and have that much experience makes him that much better, and wasent there a big hype built around a certen fighter who was 40 and 0 in his carrer also??? Eather way this kid Alvarez is the king of Mexico and the air aperant to De La Hoya with all the right qualities to be a major superstar in the sport, and he already has major sponsership from the likes of Corona and Under Armour. To put it as best I can Saul “Canelo” Alvarez is “Money”.

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