Monday, May 7, 2012

Mayweather vs Cotto Recap

While some people I talked to say this was a boring fight not worth paying for others including myself say this was the best fight of Floyds 43 fight career and as for Cotto he put no doubt in peoples mind that he is one of the top guys in the sport. No one has blooded Mayweather or really got to him like Cotto did although I think Cotto did abandon the jab that was working so well for him and attacked Mayweather on the ropes which is just what Floyd wanted. On the other hand Floyd could have took the easy rout and just out boxed Cotto but he didn’t, in fact Floyd stood in there and made it a fight and drew Cotto into a fight that took away his power. Mayweather took the fight to the corners and made Cotto deliver close punches instead of staying around the middle of the ring where Cotto could have done more damage with stronger more powerful punches. This fight was not only good for the winner, but also the loser credibility wise, and I must say as much as I hate Mayweather for his disrespect of fighters and announcers at times he did apologize and did some PR work as well as put on a good fight. In all this was a great fight and a great card if boxing could put more fights like this together it won’t be long for boxing to be as mainstream and popular as it once was.

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