Friday, May 4, 2012

Pacers square up with Magic...FANS!!

At about 2:45am this morning Pacers stars Kyrylo Fesenko and Danny Granger were involved in a verbal shouting match. Kyrylo was outside of club 23 in Orlando when he bumped into someone which turned into a shouting mach and once they realized who Kyrylo played for the mob grew bigger and the taunting got worse so instead of loosing his cool Kyrylo started to walk away, but as we all know that never works. Once the crowd followed Kyrylo across the street a team mate of the Pacer and star of the team Danny Granger came to the aid of his team mate in a rather aggressive fashion. Once the two started shouting back at the mob the police got involved and everyone went home happy..well maybe. Later jokingly the cops said oh they play for the Pacers, well if i would of known that  would of arrested them.

From the Gun

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