Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Josh HAM-ilton

What a night for the Texas Ranger not only did he have 4 home runs in one game but he had 4 HOME RUNS in one game. (Sounds so nice you have to say it twice) At what point do you as an opposing pitcher just say OK that's it i am walking this guy the rest of the night? Maybe after the second home run, ok maybe after the 3rd home run? No, well what about the 4th home run in Josh Hamilton's last 6 at bats against the Orioles he has 5 HRs and a double this guy is on fire! What gives this story a twist is the Rangers were going to be ok with letting him walk after this season because they didn't want to pay in the 175 million dollar range for 7 years and now it looks like Josh just made that decision a lot harder. Just for kicks look at these stats so far in the season - He leads the entire MLB in hitting .406 with 14 homers and 36 RBI. That goes along with his .458 on-base percentage, .840 slugging percentage, and 89 total bases. He has hit more home runs by himself then the entire San Diego Padres.

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