Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Jacoby released by the Texans

Well Texans fans looks like we all got what we wanted Jacoby Jones has been released from the Texans. To me this was a seasons overdue i don't think he should of been back this past season but yet there he was taking the money and dropping the ball. If i could i would like to rewrite a line from the great ESG instead of "Tell Kevin Cato" it is "Tell Jacoby Jones we want our money back" and ill finish that off with an LOL. Besides the news that he is gone the move frees up more cap space and an immediate opening for Keshawn Martin to jump right in and start at least at punt return and maybe the kick returner as well. Don't be surprised if the Texans turn into one of the better punt return teams in the league because we now have a guy who runs north and south instead of east and west. Martin will contribute a ton to the offense even if not at the wide receiver spot because of his ability to give the Texans a short field. No matter what way u cut it this was a good move by the Texans and this franchise is starting to let go of the dead weight.

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