Monday, May 7, 2012

Welcome to the show Bryce

Over the weekend Bryce Harper showed up and showed out but the fact that he is living up to the hype and that he was the first rookie to steal home since who knows when was not the talk in fact it was that Cole Hamels drilled him in the top of the 1st. Well it’s not that he got drilled but that Hamels said it outright “yea I threw at him”, and the fact that everyone knows that it was intentional is not the problem but that he was so honest is what got him a 5 game suspension. Later in the club house Hamels said “It was just a welcome to the big leagues type of thing” and in my opinion there is nothing wrong with that. This type of thing is part of the tradition of baseball if you are not going to implement instant replay because it takes away from tradition than why are you going to suspend Hamels for keeping with tradition? It would be a different story if Hamels threw at Harpers head but he drilled Harper in the back away from his head and away from his legs or knees. I think this story is way over hyped and takes away from the fact that he his on fire and has brought the Lebron type of excitement to the MLB. Just look at this post I haven't even talked about Harper its been all about Hamels. Welcome to the show Bryce.

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