Monday, April 16, 2012

Astros: the bad

Well up to this point there really hasn't been much to be mad about with these Astros, they play hard, they don't quit, they pitch well, and there bats have been great. The only sour point to put out there is they leave too many runners on base. If the Astros would have scored just 1/3 of the runners they left on base in a bases load situation they would of had 8 more runs and just to put that in perspective for you the Astros have lost all 5 games by a combined 9 runs. You could say its there inability to get runners home not get them on base that's whats killing them, and that leads me to follow up with the stat that blows me away the Astros are 0-8 when bases are loaded and most of the time the bases are loaded with only 1 out.

From the Dugout

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