Monday, April 16, 2012

Astros: The Good

Now to the good news J.D. Martinez, Jose Altuve, and Jordan Shafer are three players I really hope we build around. J.D. has all the skill you would hope for and is off to a great start batting .371 with 3 HR and 10 RBIs to kick off the young season. Jose Altuve has a good glove and better than expected range for him being as vertically challenged as he is, and would be a great asset to the team if we can keep him in that 7 or 8 spot in the line up. Now for my favorite base runner of the 3 Jordan Schafer has been alot better than I expected for a lead off hitter he can hit but is great at getting on base with a bunt, and his range in the out field is similar to a Jason Bourn. He already is 5 for 6 in stolen bases and is a problem for catchers to throw out and pitchers to pick off, this guy is fast and you know what they say speed kills. Besides those two Carlos Lee is usually a slow starter but his .333 1 HR and 9 RBIs would prove other wise and he doesn't look like he did at all last year its as if these young guys are making him a compete more. These Astros were suppose to be bottom of the barrel, a throw away season, but they have played hard and even in a loss they look good. Even though they may not go far or do much these Astros bring excitement and a new energy that i am happy to see even in a loss. ROOT ROOT ROOT.

From the Dugout

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