Monday, April 23, 2012

Houston we have a problem

The Rockets loss to Miami was not only the end of what little chance they had to make the playoffs, but also the end of Lee and Dragic in Houston. The way these guys play there is no way the Rockets can keep them in free agency there will be plenty of teams that would love their services. On the other hand if only the Rockets could get a star player at the center position I think these guys would be a pivotal peace to a championship team. The problem isn't management or the coach or ownership the problem is Houston is not a place players want to be, and i don't understand it we have a ton of good young talent like Parsons, Dragic, Lowery, Patterson from time to time, and we just need one star to come here. If the Rockets can pull off some deal with Dwight, pull Gasol from Memphis, or even Nikola Pekovic from Minnesota it would help plenty but they wont and the Rockets will always just miss the playoffs and have the 13-15th pick in the draft and stock up on power forwards. Make a change, pull the trigger on a trade, or just tank so we can get a top 5 pick in the draft because i cant stand watching my Rockets stay at a .500 team anymore.

From the Gun

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