Monday, April 30, 2012

Texans Draft Recap

So now that the Texans have completed the draft we as fans want to put a grade on how they did and I for one have some good and bad of the draft. First let me start off by saying that I give the Texans a draft grade of a C+ but then it was the undrafted free agents that they signed that moved their overall grade up to a B+. Lets start in the first round with the pick of Whitney Murcilus. This was a great pick to improve their already good pass rush and build some depth at a very important position on the defense. Now lets go to the Devier Posey pick I didn’t like it because they could of gotten this player latter in the round because he was headed for a longer fall in the draft due to his part in the Ohio State Tattoo scandal that held him and four other starters out most of the season and wasn’t a huge contributor. Next is Brandon Brooks and this pick I don’t like because all the O linemen for the Texans are right around the 300 pound mark and this guy brooks is 353 lbs too big to run the zone blocking scheme, unless he is that athletic or decides to drop 40 – 45 pounds in the off season. After that we have all my favorite picks in the draft by the Texans Keshawn Martin, the wide out from Michigan State who is what Jacoby Jones should have been is great with reverses, punt returns, average at kick returns,  and can change direction well so perfect for bubble screens and getting him the ball in space. After the loss of 2/5 of the offensive line the Texans select Ben Jones center from Georgia, one of the better picks at the offensive line position not only will he learn from the best in Meyers, but he can shift over to guard bringing tremendous  value to the team. Then there is Randy Bullock the best kicker in the draft and in all of college football, if this kid is as good as he was in college he will be an upgrade to a position that is very important come playoff time. Next is Jared Crick the defensive linemen from Nebraska this guy paired up with JJ Watt will be one hell of a player and a steal in the draft for the Texans and that Wade Phillips defense, I really can’t say enough good things about this pick. Finally we have Nick Mondek tackle from Purdue this is a versatile player and another good depth guy who once he learns the position can be a key component to this O line. This draft is one I have been waiting to see, because this kind of draft built teams like the Patriots, Ravens, and the Steelers to contend for championships and now I think the Texans are finally putting themselves at the top of the AFC and maybe one day the top of the NFL.

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