Monday, April 16, 2012

Rockets need a boost!!

Where are the Rockets? Since winning 4 straight and looking like a team that could give OKC or San Antonio fits in the first round the Rockets have lost 3 straight and have the top two seeds licking there chops to get a chance to play these Rockets as a possible 1sr round match up. As bad as this sounds the down slide started when Lowery got inserted back into the rotation and i for one thought this team was going to be be alot better with Lowery back. Maybe its getting use to playing with Lowery in the line up again or maybe they are just going threw a tough patch either way these guys need to pull together and play defense. Through out this season when the Rockets hold there opponents to 90 points or less they are 18 and 0 that being said they need to pick it up on the defensive side of the ball and once they do that this team will be fine and on a roll going into the playoffs. There are only 6 more games for the Rockets lets hope they can start by picking up a win tonight against Denver.

From the Sideline

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