Monday, April 16, 2012

Matt Shaub is right on schedule

With voluntary off season workouts starting up this week and the draft just 10 days away its time to get ready for football. The Texans are starting there off season work outs with out coaches and for safety reasons with out there starting quarterback Matt Shaub. Matt released a statement about his injury and his schedule to return to the team Schaub said, via quote “I’m right on schedule because where the hardware removal takes place in this procedure is right where we are and so from here, we just move forward and just keep going.  But we have a lot of time left to get ready and there’s no doubt I will be ready.” I'm guessing T.J. will take the reps till Shaub is fully ready to go and with what Yates did last year I know Texans fans aren't too mad about that. Later this week ill revisit my potential draft pick for the team so feel free to give me your 2 cents on who the Texans should draft. Don't forget the new Nike jerseys are up for sale so get em while there hot and the new Nike ID Dunks with the Texans logo are also available for you custom Texans fans.

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