Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rockets Drop Another

The 3rd quarter in this 4 game losing streak has been there down fall. They have been horrible with their ball movement and when the ball is stopped the players are standing around and shooting unnecessary three point shots. To add to the bad play in the 3rd quarter the refs were calling fouls if the Rockets players were breathing too hard on the Nuggets, i mean they were making BS calls for the Nuggets and when a Rockets player would drive they were getting mugged in the lane and no whistle??? Really??? Kyle Lowery is looking like the effects of the bacterial infection are still taking its toll on him and if they continue to play this way they will not only miss the playoffs but they could end up being the 11th spot and the 5 worst team in the western conference. The Rockets are playing like they cant be beat in the first half of last nights game then they lay an egg in the 3rd and lay down in the 4th. If they lose another game they might as well lose all the rest and get a good draft pick.

From the Gun

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