Friday, April 20, 2012

Kryptonite in superman’s back

So Dwight Howard is done for the season and will undergo surgery to repair the bulging disk in his back, so whats next for superman? Will he stay in Orlando or will he split and go play in New York (not with the Knicks but the Nets) where it seems like Deron Williams is likely going to leave? So many questions and now the Magic are right back where they started, with no firm answer on where Dwight is headed. Dwight went from the leagues biggest kid who worked hard and always had a smile on his face to acting like a "Big Baby" (no offense Glen Davis). He has handled this whole situation about as bad as you could he is one TV special on what his "decision" will be away from taking the crown as the bad guy away from Lebron. I hate to say it but told you so Magic you should of got rid of him when you could of got something for him, but now your SOL.

From the Gun

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