Tuesday, April 24, 2012

With the 26th pick...

Coby Fleener has caught many passes from Luck and now has the attention of a lot of scouts in the NFL. If you keep up with the blog you can see that I was high on Hill and Wright getting picked by the Texans, but I have since looked at what we lost and what we need to replace. We lost Mario but we have two starters so we can use a 2nd round pick for depth and Rick Smith proved he can get us just that in the 2nd round. The Texans also lost Demeco so they resigned  Dobbins and signed Bradie James from Dallas, but who is going to replace Dressen?? Joel Dressen was a huge part of the offense especially in the red zone and his hands were clutch catching some great 3rd down conversions so would it not make sense to draft a player who is bigger faster and has better hands than him?? Enter Coby Fleener TE from Stanford, this guy is an above average at blocking for both the pass and run, can run great routs, and has a 40 time of 4.45. Now you put him on the other side of Daniels and you have a pair of TE similar to what New England has and this would eliminate your immediate need for another wide out so u draft one in the 3rd to develop into the complement to Andre. If we get Coby this will not only make the offense better in the pass game but the run game as well because if you have two tight ends who can block and catch off a screen pass you only need 1 or 2 WR on the field depending on if you have Casey in at FB and if that’s the case you have 5 skilled position players who are above average at catching the ball thus making it harder for defenses to load the box on Foster. Here is to changing my mind AGAIN and hoping we draft Coby Fleener.

From the Gun


  1. I cant agree with you on this one... James Casey can make a strong push for number 2 TE and we can pick up a FB after the draft WR/DL/LB one of those three will be the first pick

    1. The WR spot in the draft is so deep after the top 3 (who will all be gone by 26) every other WR has the same potential. DL is not that deep and we wont get one of the few who would be worth a first and same to be said at LB. Why not take the best TE in the draft if given the option.