Friday, April 27, 2012

Cowboys get Claiborne

Cowboys traded alot to move up and let me say I'm not mad at them for this pick. Claiborn was easily the best defensive back in the draft and on of if not the only shutdown corner to come out this year. Now that the Cowboys have two good corners players better B Ware Of D Ware because more times than not with this Ryans defense you will see alot of blitzing and a few more wins because of your defense. The Cowboys secondary was bad and was a big contributor to them not making the playoffs last year, but with the addition of Carr and Claiborne you can expect a playoff run Cowboys fans. I got to give it to Jerry Jones this off season has been a good one and if the Cowboys can pick up a D linemen, Wide receiver, and depth at O line this will be a good season for both teams in Texas. So Jorge Mike Alex and all you other Cowboys fans hope you have a big truck to pull the bandwagon of Cowboys fans that will be cheering on your team come playoff time.

From the Gun