Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Judgement Day!

Dear Mario,

What were you thinking? You do know that these Texans are better than the team you faced in practice right? You do know they were not going all out in practice right? The point is you haven't faced this team as an opponent and now that you have left Houston you my friend are now a foe. You couldn't help us get to the playoffs as a matter of fact we got to the playoffs with out you. To me you are like the Tracy McGrady of the Houston Texans you were over hyped and over paid. In 6 seasons with the Texans you only reached double digit sacks twice and you were horrible against the run your entire time in Houston. So if you are on the field (baring some kind of injury that you are pron to getting over your career) it will be judgement day for you, and the Texans will show you and the rest of the league how good of a decision it was not to give you a kings ransom. See you Nov. 4th.

From the Gun

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