Thursday, April 26, 2012

Texans Mock Draft: 1st Round

Finally some NFL to talk about that is relevant and positive. So with the 26th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft what should the Houston Texans do? This is what I think they will do if they chose to keep the pick they will go after Coby Fleener TE from Stanford or Nick Perry DE from USC. Both of these guys are can’t miss prospects they both fit what the Texans are looking for from a players stand point on and off the field. Fleener will bring depth to a depleted TE/WR position and create miss matched all across the board whether it be on a LB/OLB, Safety, or CB the kids has strength speed and a pair of great hands I would love for the Texans to pick him at 26. Now if Fleener is gone I think the next best is Nick Perry DE out of USC this guy is a slightly bigger and faster JJ Watt and would be a beast on the outside behind Barwin and Brooks, and you know what they say you can never have enough pass rushers.
                Now if the Texans trade down to the 38-40 range (mid 2nd round) this would give you the opportunity to get depth at O Line, OLB, WR, CB all before they hit the 5th round and by the way they might take a kicker in the 6th or 7th round from Texas A&M. So let’s say they move down to the second round they can take Mohamed Sanu WR from Rutgers or Stephen hill (If for some reason he’s still there) and NT Brandon Thompson or an O Lineman like Jonathan Martin from Stanford or Bobby Massie from Ole Miss. Any of these three choices would be great for the team and bring depth to two of the positions we need most. Finally here is what most Texans fans want to hear and that’s trade Tate and our 26th pick to move up to take Blackmon at 4 but that just won’t happen. So lets see what moves they make and don’t be surprised if the Texans move out of the first round and leave fans in suspense for one more day.

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