Thursday, April 12, 2012

Building from the ground up

 I guess you could say the proverbial shovel has hit the dirt in the rebuilding process for the Astros and I for one think its long overdue. The only way the Astros will ever get back to winning, as in the 05' season, is if they rebuild and overhaul the farm system and i think that is exactly what the new GM Luhnow has in mind. If we can have some really good arm come from with in that will make this team more valuable when it comes time to make a big trade. They can always go out and buy a few bats to bolster the line up, but pitching is a commodity that the Astros have not had in a long while.

Now the Astros will be headed out on a road trip that will take them into next week facing the Marlins for 3 games and the Nationals for 4 games only to come back to Houston to play the Dodgers next Friday. This season might have a few 3 game winning streaks in it and they might even be above .500 a few times before the all star break, but also count on some 7-10 game losing streaks and being way under .500 for the all of the 2nd half of the season. Regardless of how this team does you can beat that i will Root Root Root for the Astros all season long.

From the Gun

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