Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Castro knocked down but not out

In the loss to the Brewers Jason Castro took a big hit at the plate by the Brewers first baseman which in my opinion was uncalled for. Carlos Lee was following a high foul ball just past first base and as he caught the ball turned and threw the ball home, to a waiting Castro, who was all over home plate and was ready to tag a charging Mat Gamel. Gamel knowing he was going to be tagged out decided to lower his shoulder and try to jar the ball loose from Castro’s glove but Castro took the hit and ended the inning with an out at home.  The guy knew he was out no need to try to injure Castro who was already out last season with a knee problem. The play was border line dirty and if I was a pitcher I would of threw at Gamel to show if you go after my team mate ill go after you, but these young Astros went on to score 3 runs in the 7th inning to get within one run and made it a good game. I hope the Stros can come back and win the series, and also can one of the pitchers please hit Gamel for all of us Astros fans that are pissed about what happened last night.

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