Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Early Texans Predictions


      So now that the schedule have been released what is your early predictions for the Houston Texans? I'll go threw the records and explain why i see 11 to 12 wins this season. 1st game of the season is against the Miami Dolphins ill take that as a win, because its the first game of the season and these Texans have proven to be tough to beat on the home opener. 2nd game is @ Jacksonville and even thought they have a good defense they still have trouble moving the ball and with Shaub back i see no reason why we cant be these guys twice this year. 3rd game is @ Denver and i know they have Peyton but he still wont be 100% and wont have enough time to really gel with a new team (Later in the year Denver will be really good). 4th game is home for the Titans, and i think we sweep them this season they have not made any moves to tell me other wise. Now the next 3 games will be the toughest 3 game stretch the Texans will face all season and if we are lucky we can go into the bye week at 5-2 but I'm leaning towards 4-3.
        Then as Mario Williams proclaimed it is judgement day Nov.4th against the Bills and these guys are bad against the run and i see Arian Foster having a huge game and we get the win. 9th game is @ the Bears and that team in what could possibly be bad weather is to tough a match so we take a loss. 10th game as i said before is a win against the Jags. 11th game @ Detroit is going to be tough its a coin flip seeing as its on Thanksgiving i really see them beating the Lions and showing up big in that game. Then its Titans, Patriots, Colts, Vikings, Colts and the only trouble out of that group will be the Pats and i think we take a loss in the cold weather against a good team.
         So there you have it 11 to 12 wins and a sweep of the division and another spot in the playoffs for your Houston Texans. Now just to be clear if they can pull out a win against Ravens or Pats i think it would be huge seeing as it might be the difference between home field advantage in the playoffs. Feel free to leave your prediction in the comment box below.

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