Friday, April 20, 2012

So many questions for the Rockets

After the season what are the Rockets going to do? There is the draft, what kind of pick do they get and will a good player fall them. Courtney Lee and Goran have expiring contracts so who do you keep if you keep any at all? Can the Rockets find a trade partner to get Kevin Martin out of town? Then that do you do with Camby, hes old and hurt but you have no one to protect the rim with out him. What about the Lowery and Goran situation?? You can no longer trade Lowery to LA and you defiantly cant keep them both because Dragic has proving he can start and be very good in this league. Those are just a few not to mention Chase and Scola and what ever happened to the promising player Diamon that the Rockets signed last week? There are many questions and not enough answers. What will the Rockets do?

From the Gun

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