Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Astros Fall to the Braves

The Houston Astros fall to the Atlanta Braves last night and the biggest  reason why is the third inning. The three runs that were given up turned out to be the 3 runs that got us beat. Granted the Braves scored a couple times after that but it they Astros would of kept the Braves off the board in the 3rd the Astros would of walked out with a win. It seems to me the Astros don't really get going until their second time at the plate and against better teams that will be a formula for many losses. This team did not give up and did make a run in the last few innings and were a few feet away from Carlos Lee hitting a 3 run home run, but it was a tad short. Another good sign that came out of last nights loss was Jordan Schafer who had 3 stolen bases and was 3 for 5 at the plate, and he seemed to be fitting into his role as the lead off hitter very nicely. Look for plenty more losses this season but at the same time these Astros sure are fun to watch because they play hard and don't give up. Root Root Root.

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