Monday, April 9, 2012

Bubba Watson

Bubba wins the Masters, and what a Masters it was. Bubba the self taught lefty with a style all his own and member of the Golf Boys did what many thought he could not. I mean how could a guy who never had a golf lesson, does not have the prototypical swing, and whose name is Bubba win the best Masters tournament in a long time. The shot he hooked out of the ally was incredible to say the least think of how hard that shot is by itself then add in the 20 yards or so of woods he had to clear, and then he had it land within 16 ft of the hole on the green. That shoot was easily the best shoot I have ever seen given the circumstance of where he was shooting from and that he had the balls to try it at the Masters. Congrats Bubba and the Golf Boys are defiantly in the building tonight.

From the Gun

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