Monday, April 2, 2012

The Houston Texans select. . .

Lets see we need a big,strong, and fast receiver to hold down the number 2 spot on the Texans. Lets go down the list there it Justin Backmon hes the 1st receiver off the board no doubt, and there is Michael Floyd an even bigger stronger receiver than blackmon who will likely go way before pick 26. Then there is a tie at the 3rd rated WR of the 2012 draft its between Kendall Wright the 5'10" slot type, receiver who can return punts, has good hands, and has down the field speed, and there is Stephen Hill who is 6'5" 200 pounds, quick feet, great hands/body control, returns kicks and can run a 4.30 40!!! I guess you can see who i think they should draft. I previously went with Wright but as time passed I watched tons of film on Hill he can read a defense knows when to sit in a zone and when to run right past the coverage. Great kid good work ethic and when paired with Andre to teach him and take him under his wing i think this kid could do big things for the Texans.

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