Monday, April 2, 2012

Kentucky vs Kansas

So it comes down to the fast break offense of Kentucky and the on ball pressure and half court defense of  Kansas. Let me first start off by saying congratulations to both teams for making it to the championship games and for a great season thus far. Now that that's out the way Kansas and their pressure defense will cause some problems for the Kentucky guards because they have not faced a team that has been playing this good a defense and not had to double the ball. This will create turnovers and easy buckets for Kansas, something they will need to stay in this game. Now Kentucky on the other hand with the presence of Davis on the post he will alter if not block shots in the paint and that in itself will lead to fast break points for Kentucky, hell this team is so fast they can start a fast break at any moment. If Kentucky can move the ball around and execute there style of play and don't get caught up in a half court game they should win, but if Kansas can slow the game down and keep Withey in the post to stop the slashing and easy lobs down low they might have a chance to pull off the upset no to mention they will need Taylor and Robinson to attack the lane on offense and help with the defensive rebounds. In closing this will prove to be a very entertaining championship game and who ever wins will be a worth champion. Good Luck fellas.

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