Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kyle or Goran

Now that Lowry is getting back on the court from that nasty viral infection how do you feel about throwing him back in the starting lineup? You must admit Dragic has been playing lights out while Lowry was out and Goran has caught the attention of the league as of late. Come this off season the Rockets will have a big decision to make on will they keep two point guards or make a packaged trade for a high draft pick or star big man. We as Rockets fans have been through this with Rafer Alston, and more recently with Aaron Brooks so I am confident in the move Daryl Morey will make. Morey did how ever get us a small no name backup point guard named Lowery, and a perennial back up in Dragic who both turned into very good starters that has put us in the situation we are in right now. So with that said, who would you rather keep if we can’t keep both Goran or Kyle??

From the Gun

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