Thursday, April 5, 2012

Opening Night in MIAMI

Where do i start how about the field lets just put it this way if you put Outkast in charge of designing a major league baseball stadium this is what it would look like. The "New Green" walls around the field are not worthy of a baseball field, the club with a swimming pool is a bad idea, and the monument in center is laughable at best. To keep it classy they also put two aquariums behind home plate and not to mention the grass is so short what should be a single is speeding threw the infield to become a double. Now to the actual baseball side of things the Cardinals have that intensity about them like they have something to prove i mean they don't have there big hitter hes an angel now and there hall of fame skipper is gone so i guess they do. The Marlins well lets just say if Ramirez doesn't get a feel for third base and Reyes doesn't stop playing like hes made of glass then it will be a long season, but its a good thing people in Miami have the Heat, Dolphins, and South Beach to get them threw this trying time. My sarcasm doesn't translate well in words. All the attractions in this park wont bring Miami fans into the stadium for a 500 team so maybe they should of spent money on the team as apposed to the park.

 From the Gun

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