Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The State of Houston Sports

If the Astros lose tonight or don't win another game for 2 weeks, and the Rockets go on a losing streak and miss the playoffs it will still not over shadow how you as fans of Houston sports feel today. The Texans have come off there best season ever and first playoff win in team history, the Rockets are on a roll they have Kyle Lowry back and seem to be headed to the playoffs full steam ahead, the Dynamo new stadium is almost ready to open up its doors, and the Astros are off to their best start to a season since 06. What more do you guys want? Well to put it in one word Championship this city wants a Champion and until we should not be content with just a good start or just making the playoffs.

The Texans will be held to a higher standered this season as they should, and if the season ends anything short of a Superbowl appearance will be a failure. Once we adopt that mentality with our other teams those teams will feel the need to do better. We as fans of Houston sports should go into a game and expect to win not hoping we do well, that's mediocrity and I'm sick and tired of it. You shouldn't have to root for another team because your Houston franchise didn't make it to the playoffs. When free agency comes around other free agents should want to come here if for nothing else because the team is always in contention and the fans are the best fans in the country. So I say that to say this go out to a game, post on national blogs, and call in to your radio stations and make your voice herd, we want a winner and we will not settle for anything else.

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