Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Astrodome Abandoned

Its safe to say the days of the 8th wounder have passed and man did the Dome have its day. Hosting every event from Elvis concerts to MLB, NFL, and Rodeos just to name a few this really was a big deal not just in Houston. Now its a shell of what once was a reminder of the Colt 45's changing there name to the Astros and the infamous "Rain Out" in the dome and one of my favorites Selena live at the Rodeo. No matter what the occasion was i guarantee that when you first walked into the dome you were taken back at the enormity of it all. Now its a run down abandoned place that in my opinion is beyond repair or salvage it cost money to keep it there empty and to remodel the place would cost more than it would be worth. I think its time to take it down and remember it as it was and not the broken down dome that it is now.

From the Gun

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