Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Is Tiger realy out of the Woods?

Well if you watched the Arnold Palmer Invitational i guess you might think so, but if you had been watching Tiger for the past few years then you might not be so quick to proclaim that "Hes Back!". All signs point to his resurgence as an elite player he seems to have his "Eye of a Tiger" back but besides all the cheesy catch phrases and punch lines his swing is totally different and that does take some getting use to which i think he has finally done. Also he seems to be in the right state of mind on the course staying calm not getting to up or down if he doesn't hit the ball like he should or would like to. I for one think that Tiger is headed in the right direction and as long as the side show is held to a minimum like the long lost brother who came out and wants money from Tiger, he should finish in the top 5 of the Masters if not win what looks to be a close 3-4 player race to the finish in the end. In what ever case Tiger is definitely not out of the woods yet but he is starting to make it back the fair way.

From the Gun

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