Friday, April 6, 2012

Coach Petrino put on leave

So after finishing last season ranked as the 5th best college football team in the nation only losing to LSU and Alabama the Razorbacks will return for spring practice with out there head coach. As you may have herd Petrino had a bit of an accident this week and oh yeah he recked his motorcycle too. Petrino was riding his motorcycle about 20 miles out of fayetteville with 25 year old football Jessica Dorrell, who is an employee of the football program, when the accident occurred. Bobby was taken to the hospital with some injury's and the status of Jessica is unknown but never he less Petrino has been put on administrative leave. Petrino said he wanted to keep his ''inappropriate relationship from becoming public.'', but i think its a little to late for that now. Nothing has come out on the familys behalf and Coach Petrino is married with 4 children and not only has he apoligized to his family but to the football programe and all of Razerback Nation.

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